X (Twitter) Ads Revenue Program: How to Get a Stripe Account in Nigeria in 2023

Everyone wants to get a piece of Elon Musk’s Ads revenue sharing pie. If you’re here, you’ve probably realized that you need a Stripe account to get paid by X (formerly Twitter).

Stripe makes it easy to accept payments online. However, if you live in Nigeria, it can be difficult to directly sign up for a Stripe account due to regulatory restrictions. 

This guide will show you how to get a Stripe account when you seamlessly incorporate a U.S company using Norebase. With a U.S entity and bank account, you’ll be able to get your payout from X as long as you meet the criteria.

How X’s Revenue Sharing Program Works

X offers a revenue sharing opportunity for eligible creators to earn money from ads displayed on their content. To qualify, creators must meet these requirements:

  1. Be subscribed to X Blue or Verified Organizations subscription tier
  2. Have at least 15 million total organic impressions (views) on their posts in the last 3 months
  3. Have a minimum of 500 followers

Once the criteria are met, creators need to sign up by connecting a Stripe account. This allows payments to be issued.

To remain in the program and get paid, creators must abide by X’s Revenue Share Terms and Conditions. This includes standards for monetizing content and adhering to X’s community guidelines and rules.

If at any point a creator is found violating these policies, they risk being removed from the revenue sharing opportunity. The terms are designed to ensure a positive experience for both creators and advertisers on the platform.

By meeting the requirements and following the guidelines, eligible creators on X can earn a share of revenue from ads displayed on their popular posts and profiles.

How to Get a Stripe Account in Nigeria

Step 1: Sign up for a US Company registration on Norebase

Head to Norebase and create your account. You’ll need to provide some basic details about yourself and your company.

Norebase makes it simple to incorporate a company in the U.S and open a U.S bank account fully online without being physically present in America. It typically takes 5 – 7 business days to incorporate your U.S business. Pricing starts at $450—a small price to pay to begin earning up to $1000 a month as a creator on Twitter.

You need a valid ID and a catchy name for your company.

It typically takes 5 – 8 weeks to get EINs, but in some cases, you will be able to open an account without one if you incorporate with us.

Your business account is set up one business day after your company incorporation is completed.

This means that you can get your Stripe account set up soon if you start now.

Step 2: Obtain your EIN

With the Articles of Organization in hand, Norebase will promptly apply for an EIN on your behalf from the IRS. This tax identification number serves as a unique identifier for your US entity. This typically takes 5 – 8 weeks to get.

Step 3: Open a U.S Bank Account

As mentioned earlier, in some cases, before your EIN and other incorporation documents are available, Norebase will help you open a U.S corporate bank account with one of our partner banks that cater to foreign businesses. As part of our post-incorporation services, you also get a free virtual U.S address.

Step 4: Set Up Stripe Payments in Nigeria

Once the U.S entity and bank account are confirmed, simply connect it within your Stripe dashboard settings. You now have the ability to accept and receive payments in Naira from customers within and beyond Nigeria and to enjoy Elon Musk’s Ads revenue sharing program.

By handling the entire incorporation and account opening process, Norebase removes barriers that creators often face when expanding across borders. 

Also note that this is a fully registered company for you – which means you are able to do other businesses and receive payments, not just from X (Twitter), but from anyone in the World. 

Visit our website today to set up a U.S business and unlock your potential as a creator earning on Stripe and beyond.

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