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Get up to $10,000 AWS credit when you register a company with Norebase

Norebase, today announces that we are now AWS (Amazon Web Services) partners.

AWS provides on-demand cloud computing web services (such as computing power, database storage and content delivery services and APIs) to individuals and companies.

Through this partnership with AWS, incorporating your business with Norebase just got so much better as you can now get up to $10,000 in AWS credits, including AWS business support and members-only offers, to help build and grow your businesses.

How To Get $10,000 in AWS Credits With Norebase:

Step 1: Register your company on Norebase at

Step 2: After company registration, you will get a detailed email with our AWS partner code, eligibility criteria, as well as instructions for obtaining AWS credit

Step 3: Create your AWS account and apply for AWS activate using our AWS partner code

Step 4: The AWS credit application takes about 7 – 10 days to be processed.

Step 5: You get your AWS credit and start enjoying the $10,000 AWS credit right away.

Starting, scaling and operating in every African country and building a truly global business is easier with Norebase.

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How to set up a Holding company; U.S HoldCo & African subsidiary on Norebase

In the course of registering a business, especially when you are expanding to another country, you would no doubt have come across the words “Holding company” and “Subsidiaries” during your research.

However, before we get into how you can register a Holding company in the U.S, let’s talk you through what these terms mean.

What is a Holding Company? 

A holding company (HoldCo) is any business entity that owns the controlling shares in another company or companies and influences decision-making in these entities. 

Usually, a holding company does not conduct any operational activities; Rather, they hold and control assets of other companies whose equity they have acquired.

In addition, this type of company will sometimes act as a financial organisation that lends, borrows, and invests in the operations of the entities they own without trading goods or services themselves.

A good example of a HoldCo in Nigeria is Flour Mills of Nigeria, with over five subsidiaries spanning major sectors like Food, Su, Agro-allied, Port Operations and Logistics, Packaging and Real Estate.

Among other benefits, a holding company helps reduce risks. In essence, if one company fails, the other businesses are protected. Also, subsidiaries of a Holdco get access to tax and lending benefits. 

What is a Subsidiary?

A subsidiary is a business that belongs to a parent company or a holding company. These holding companies can claim ownership of a subsidiary as they may own more than half its stocks. If a holding company possesses 100% of these stocks, the entity can be said to be a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Subsidiaries have independent operations reflected in their taxes, liabilities, and governance. That is to say that these businesses are legally distinct and separate from the holding company. 

Golden Pasta, Golden Shipping Co, Niger Mills, and Kaboji Farms are only but a few subsidiaries of Flour Mills of Nigeria.

As the owner of a new business or an already-existing one, starting a holding company is a straightforward process with Norebase. Here’s how you can set up a holding company in the U.S if you fall into any of these categories.

How to Set up a Holding Company in the U.S

I. When you have an existing African company only

If you already have an African company you want to turn into a subsidiary, simply go to and register the U.S company. When the registration is completed, the shareholders of the African subsidiary will be required to either transfer or surrender and reallot their shares to the US HoldCo.

II. When you have no existing company

Firstly, register a HoldCo in the U.S by simply following these steps. If you then want to register an African subsidiary, simply start the registration process on, select your country and fill in the name of your already registered U.S Holdco as the company owner. 

III. When you have a U.S company only

The process is half-done if you already have a registered company in the U.S. You simply have to register your company in any African country on and fill in the name of the U.S Company as the owner of the African entity and assign shares as needed.

Whether you want to register a U.S HoldCo or a subsidiary company in any African country, we have made the process as easy as the click of a button on

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Business structures and what you need to know about them

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Incorporating your company in Kenya; A guide

Excellence in long distance races is one of Kenya’s major exports and now, the country should be going for gold in the race to be your next target market. Other than the amazing wildlife, Kenya has created an environment that is ripe for investment.

Before we delve into the steps for registering your company in Kenya, here is why Kenya should be on your list.

Why should you incorporate in Kenya?

Kenya is one of the leading markets in east/central Africa boasting of budding infrastructure, a strategic location and economic stability that has led to an established private sector. The country ranks 56th on the World Bank’s list of Starting a Business and Getting Credit. This means that the process of incorporation and operating is mostly straightforward and hitchfree.

Now that you’re sold, here’s what you need to get started

Requirements for company incorporation in Kenya

With a minimum of two directors and one shareholder you can be on your way to incorporating a company in Kenya.

However, there are are some essentials you’ll need to get started.

  • A nominee director who has a pre-existing tax pin.
  • A registered office address within Kenya.
  • At least three proposed names
  • A company secretary is mandatory only where the share capital is above five million Kenyan shillings ($42,900). 

As a foreigner and non-resident, there are certain non-negotiables that you need before you can incorporate your company in Kenya. These may sometimes be constraining so we provided a Norebase solution.

They include:

  • KRA Pin:  The lack of a KRA pin will hinder any non-resident from moving along in the registration process. Although an appointed nominee director who has a pre-existing pin can apply for incorporation, all foreign directors must apply for an investor visa and pin.

Norebase solution – We have trusted partners who can act as your company secretary as well as your nominee director while you are obtaining your KRA pin

  • Registered Address: a foreign company must have a local address in Kenya to operate.

Norebase solution – We provide a Norebase address you can elect to use as your registered office address.

  • Notarization: Where the shareholder is a foreign corporate entity, the certificate of incorporation must be notarised before they can be submitted to the Registry.

Norebase solution – We have notary publics to assist with the notarisation process.

How to incorporate in Kenya with Norebase

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Create an account and verify

Step 3: Select “company incorporation” as your service choice

Step 4: Fill out the form and upload all necessary documents

Step 5: Pay

And that’s all!

We’ll register your company and send all necessary documents within 3-5 days.

If you are still unsure of incorporating in Kenya, this might make you reconsider

“Kenya has a projected economic growth rate of 6% per annum”


To launch in Kenya the easy way from anywhere, visit

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Expanding to a new country? Here are four things to consider

If you are reading this, you’re probably thinking of expanding your company to a new country. However, the big move into a new country comes with its own complexities right from the get-go. 

We have taken these learnings and simplified the process of expanding into any African country and U.S (Delaware) on our platform, but before you begin, here are 4 factors that will help you make the right decision.

Factors to consider when expanding your business

Market Research

An essential first step is for you to conduct market research; this involves gathering information on the viability of your business or product within a particular pool of customers. 

This will give you a good understanding of how prospective customers will interact with your products using previous data. But, of course, you don’t want to create a solution for a non-existent problem. 

Your research should answer questions like: “Who is my target audience?” “Who can afford my services/products?”, “How should I price my product?”, “How large is the market for my service?” and “Who are my competitors”.

Having answers to these questions will steer you towards data-driven decisions. 

Language and Culture

With about 7,151 languages spoken in the world today and 2,000+ in Africa alone, there is a need to familiarise yourself with the culture in each region and individual country. 

Different regions come with a difference in culture, which influences how people interact with products and services. This raises some concerns for businesses planning to start in a new market – “How will we speak with our customers?”, “How will they understand us?” etc.

This can hinder your choice of a target country; however, it should not deter you from starting your business in a country where you do not speak the local language. An easy fix is to have at least one member of your team who has intermediate fluency.

Regulatory barriers

Every country has its laws and regulations that govern interactions, and the business sphere is not left out. For example, some countries have prohibitive rules towards foreign investment, while others strongly encourage foreigners to start businesses.

Before deciding on what country to expand to, you should pay attention to what laws govern your industry and how those may affect you with the help of a local legal advisor. 

Government Stability

Political upheaval directly impacts the economy of a country. Many countries have had their fair share of political turmoil with lasting impacts such as increased debt, high unemployment rate, and volatile exchange rates.

To make the right choice, your target country should have some (or all) of these: low inflation, stable exchange rates, low unemployment and a growing middle class.

The best way to know more about the internal situation of your target country is to follow local news and thought leaders who share unbiased viewpoints or subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on policies across Africa that may affect your business.

Ready to expand your Business?

Let’s show you the seamless way. With Norebase as your incorporation partner, whether you are launching or expanding your business to any African country or the U.S, the process is straightforward and quick.

Some African countries we can help you expand to include Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Cote D’Ivoire, Togo, Tanzania, Egypt, Burkina Faso and counting.

Start today at

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Why you need to Incorporate your company

“It’s not just about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” — Scott Belsky

Every successful company today was once an idea. Of course, your brand or business also started as one, but the question is, “What distinguishes your idea from an established business?” 

It’s the sum of things you do to make it happen. 

One such is making your business legally recognized either by a business name registration or an incorporation process. 

Incorporation, in basic terms, is simply the legal process of turning your business into a company. But, first, let’s explore a few reasons why you should incorporate your business.

Why do you need to Incorporate?

Easy access to business loans capital.

When you incorporate, your credit worth increases to the point where it becomes easier to get loans from banks and other financial institutions. Hence, it kills the question, “Is your business legal/legit?”

Increased credibility with customers, competitors, and investors

A business is not truly a business until it has customers to serve, competitors to outperform, and investors to convince. One way to build credibility with these parties is moving your business from just an idea or a building to the papers and vice-versa, incorporating it. 

Ability to open and manage a business account 

The saying “your business is not your personal bank” speaks for itself. To live up to this saying, businesses require a business account. However, one cannot open and manage a business account without getting the documents that will only be available and valid after incorporation.

With the large volume of individuals looking to register their businesses, the process becomes a lot slower than you would necessarily want. The tons of paperwork, and in-person meetings, while keeping your business afloat is enough to stop the journey to incorporating even before it begins. 

But what if I told you that there was a faster way to incorporate your business? And we mean it when we say you can own a company with just a click when you get started at Norebase.

Watch this video to see how

Our incorporation processes are seamless and will let you incorporate a business before you have second thoughts. 

The best part? With Norebase, you have access to countries like Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Cote D’Ivoire, Togo, Tanzania, Egypt, Mauritius, Burkina Faso and the U.S (Delaware)

Start today at

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How Tiwarewa is improving work productivity with Home and Office Decor

In honor of International Women’s Day, Norebase gifted five (5) outstanding female entrepreneurs with company incorporations and business name registrations, according to their preference.

How did we select them?

We asked female entrepreneurs to tell us what a business registration will do for their businesses and had Odunayo Eweniyi (of Piggyvest) select 5 winners.

In today’s episode of Norebased, we sit down with one of the winners of the IWD Giveaway, Barakat Olatinwo (Creative director of Tiwarewa), to talk about your workspace and productivity.

Tell me about yourself.

My name is Barakat Olatinwo. I am a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University. I currently work as the growth and marketing lead at Lazerpay while running my Tiwarewa on the side.

I’m curious as to which came first. Tiwarewa or your career in tech?

I’ll say my career came first by chance. I’ve always been in the tech space right from school. I studied Computer Engineering, so I had quite some access to many resources, including talks from startup founders. As a result, I was interested in having a career in tech; but I didn’t want to code, so I took up digital marketing, grew my skills, and transitioned to growth marketing. 

When did Tiwarewa get into the mix?

In 2020, at the peak of the lockdown.

Interesting! What Inspired this?

I’ve always loved Interior Decor. Then during the first lockdown in 2020, people began working from home, so I noticed a need for comfort, especially with home workspaces. Tiwarewa was borne as a solution to this.

Wow! How did you start?

I rounded up my NYSC in 2020, and because I was working while serving, I was able to save my allawee until I was done. This made up the capital I used to start Tiwarewa.

“Tiwarewa” is an interesting name. Any story behind your choice?

I think it’s here I mention that I had the name of my business before the idea.

Ah! It’s giving Norebase “Trademark” material. 

LOL. Tiwarewa is Yoruba for “ours is beautiful”. I’ve always had the name in mind right from my University days. I always wanted to start a business back then, but my parents were opposed to the idea; they believed I should focus on graduating with good grades. I just had the name without the idea or the structure. So at the slightest opportunity to use the name, I took it and started the Tiwarewa brand.

Do you currently have a team?

Yes, I do. Internally, I have a small team of myself and the social media manager who handles the brand’s pages. I also work with a logistics company to manage deliveries. 

What challenges does your business currently face?

The major challenge, for now, is logistics. Most of the items I sell are imported, so I have to look for the right shipping companies. I also have to pay the shipping rates in dollars, and we all know how discouraging the exchange rate is. Another problem I’m trying to solve is building a business structure that can support itself. There could be blurred lines between my personal cash and business revenue, especially when I have to sort some financial needs from my pocket. 

What sets your brand apart from your competition? One thing people always get from the Tiwarewa brand.

I try my best to ensure that people always have a reason to keep coming back while recommending the business to their contacts. To ensure this, I take my time to specially curate the items I stock. In addition, I look for suppliers that sell items that are not very common. So Tiwarewa items are unique. Customer satisfaction also stays on top of our goals.

And Pricing?

Eh, let’s just say competitive pricing because we all know what the economy is like. So we are literally trying our best. 

LOL. Fair enough. Where do you see Tiwarewa in 5 years?

I’d want to have a physical store specifically for showcasing what we stock. Because our items are for interior decor, customers would like to see or have a feel of how the pieces will occupy their space. Currently, we depend solely on pictures, and clients just trust, buy, and eventually get satisfied with their purchase when they get installed. So I’m looking to own 1 or 2 walk-in stores. Also, my long-term goal is to find a way to infuse tech into Tiwarewa.

Awesome! What African country will you like to expand to? 

I’ll say Ghana.

Alright, Chale, Any specific reason?

Not really. Based on my research, the products I stock tend to do well in the Ghanaian market. So I’ll start here and consider other countries eventually. 

You can register your company in Ghana on whenever you’re ready to

Definitely! I will.

What are three things you want people to know about your brand and beliefs?

  • Tiwarewa is a brand that stocks items used in interior decor to drive comfort and productivity in your homes and offices, respectively. We take pride in customer satisfaction, so our pieces are tailored to your needs.
  • Many people need to take cognizance of their environment because you still come back home needing to relax at the end of a long and tiring day. When your space is free of clutter, it enables you to rest and think, which begs the need for people to invest in their homes and workspaces. 
  • To fellow entrepreneurs, I’ll say I don’t think the journey gets easier, but the best thing to do is have a team of people who share your dreams and vision as an entrepreneur so your business can survive without you. You don’t have to spend every waking hour stressing about your brand because you know that you have a team that can be there for and grows the brand. 

What will a business registration do for your brand?

I believe it’s the first step to establishing my business. Also, with Tiwarewa having its bank account, I can properly separate personal finance from my business finance. Finally, it will help fast-track building a structure for the brand.

Interesting! Any questions for Norebase or me?

How long does it take to complete a business name registration on Norebase?

After filling the application on, we begin processing your application, And it typically takes between 3-5 days to get your registration documents sent to you. 

That’s great!

Finally, how can I patronize the Tiwarewa brand?

You can find us on Instagram at and Twitter at Tiwarewa_ng

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I believe Nigeria needs a Regulatory Body to check skincare products — Oni Jesutomilola

I believe Nigeria needs a Regulatory Body to check skincare products — Oni Jesutomilola

In honour of International Women’s Day, Norebase gifted five (5) outstanding female entrepreneurs with company incorporations and business name registrations, according to their preference.

How did we select them?

We asked female entrepreneurs to tell us what a business registration will do for their businesses, and had Odunayo Eweniyi (of Piggyvest) select 5 winners.

On today’s episode of Norebased, we sit down with one of the winners of the IWD Giveaway, Oni Jesutomilola Folasayo (Owner of Skinz Aesthetics), to discuss the Skin care industry in Nigeria.

Tell me about yourself.

My name is Oni, Jesutomilola Folasayo. I am from Kwara State. I’m a medical Aesthetician professionally trained in South Africa with all the licensing I need to practice. 

Have you always been interested in the skin business?

Quite a bit. Before starting Skinz Aesthetics, I worked in various skincare establishments, so I got the necessary experience after my certifications and license.

Nice! What was the inspiration behind starting Skinz Aesthetics

Skinz Aesthetics was borne in July 2021 out of my desire to give people with varying skin colours access to a proper skincare routine and treatment tailored to their skin type and condition. We guide anyone who wants to get started with skincare so they get it right.

Is there a reason why you think this is vital?

Of course. People often come down with various skin conditions that develop from using products and routines that damage their skin. So, we are left to repair what has already been damaged. We want to ensure that we don’t even have to worry about fixing the skin but just making it look and feel great.

Interesting. What’s your team like?

Presently, I do most of the hands-on work, but I have a Doctor and a Nurse who work with me on certain skin conditions and the appropriate treatment.

Oh! Sounds serious. I’m curious. What’s your process like?

When clients come in, we first offer a consultation session so we can know their skin type. This will inform the treatment, routine, and products they will need. On the other hand, we also educate the client on any findings, making them more aware of their skin even if they are new at skincare.

I’m suddenly rethinking my Skincare routine.


But when I hear Skincare, I hear painful debit alerts? 

Yes, that’s a problem my brand is trying to solve. A lot of people don’t have a routine because they feel it’s expensive to have and maintain a routine, so they opt for the accessible, cheaper options that may be damaging. At Skinz Aesthetics, we give expert advice, products, and treatment at an affordable rate. We believe everyone deserves access to skincare.

In essence, Everyone deserves to glow?

LOL. Of course.

What are the challenges you face? 

Promotion and finances. I have an image of how I want my space to look, but it requires a lot of money to get the necessary equipment and to make the place aesthetically pleasing. Also, we are contending with many known brands, so we need all the publicity we can get to let people know that there’s a place for affordable, expert skincare.

Of course! What is client satisfaction like?

I want clients to feel like they got value for their money; not beautiful, not amazed, just that what they paid for was what they got and even more. And that means seeing results from the treatment they got.

What kind of products do you use?

My products are mostly clinically tested and approved skincare products. I don’t believe in using products that are not rigorously tested. In fact, I am one of the advocates for us to have a regulatory body in Nigeria to ensure that organic skincare products are evaluated before being sold.

Interesting! Where are you located?

We are based in Abuja for now, but we hope to expand to more locations soon.

Speaking of expansion, what’s the plan?

I plan to grow gradually, not suddenly, so I can sustain the name. I also want to have branches in every State in Nigeria and eventually branches around West Africa. I also want to own  clinically approved products for my brand.

Wow! That’s huge

Yes, but every time I’m told my goal is too big, I remind people that there was a time when going to the moon was near impossible, but right now, people go regularly, right?

Right. I love itt! Let’s bring it closer. In 3 years, where are you at?

In 3 years, I’ll like to have moved to a bigger facility and employ more people on my team. I also want to be a household name in Abuja and have more people trust the brand.

What are three significant things you want people to know about Skinz Aesthetics?

  • Skinz Aesthetics is a place where you can get tailored skin treatments and products to match your skin type and conditions at an affordable rate.
  • You will always get value for your money at Skinz Aesthetics
  • We never shy away from feedback, negative or positive, because it helps us grow. 

What will company incorporation do for your business?

It will give me a lot more authenticity. People who associate with the brand will feel more comfortable that we are legit.

Do you have a question for Norebase?

Yes, I do. Do you fund businesses? I’m not ashamed to ask.

Lol. Currently, No. But we are building a community of founders and entrepreneurs where we offer business support tips and a platform where investors can also connect with you.

Great. I’m interested.

Finally, how can people reach you?

We are located at Aldenco Estate, Galadimawa, Abuja. You can visit us for any skincare needs and even a massage. For enquiries and bookings, you can reach us on Twitter, Instagram or send a mail to

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How Trixie Home Hub is turning houses into homes

In honour of International Women’s Day, Norebase gifted five (5) outstanding female entrepreneurs with company incorporations and business name registrations, according to their preference.

How did we select them?

We asked female entrepreneurs to tell us what a business registration will do for their businesses, and had Odunayo Eweniyi (of Piggyvest) select 5 winners.

On this week’s episode of Norebased, we sit down with one of the winners of the IWD Giveaway, Ayoola Toluwanimofe (owner of Trixie Home Hub), as we talk about owning your spaces.

“Home is Where the Heart Is”, but Mofe seems to agree with this quote only if the word “heart” is replaced with “Utensils.”

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Ayoola Toluwanimofe but you can call me Mofe or Tolu. I am an indigene of Oyo State and a graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic. I own and manage the brand Trixie Home Hub, an online store that sells home appliances ranging from items as little as a teaspoon to microwaves, blenders and other home organisers.

What was the inspiration behind Trixie Home Hub?

I love cooking, so I’m obsessed with a kitchen fully equipped with functional and aesthetic utensils. So it was only natural for me to go into the business of providing these utensils and home appliances at an affordable price. 

Wall mounted shelves (Trixie Home Hub)

So you’re one of those people who would rather open Indomie spice with a pair of scissors?

Yes, exactly! I also use it for my vegetables. I even have such scissors currently in stock.

Please sign me up!

Lol. I’ll even rather have a spoon organiser than keep the spoon in a cupboard.

Plate Rack (Trixie Home Hub)

Interesting! How long have you been in business?

Trixie Home Hub will be two years old in June. 

Nice! So how did you get the capital to start?

I didn’t have issues with capital when I started because I’m mostly an intermediary between my customers and the suppliers. So I mostly reach out to my suppliers to get customers’ items.

Oh, wow. So what are some challenges you face while running your business? 

The major challenge I faced when I started was getting a credible supplier with the products I needed. I’m particular about the utensils I get, so it was an issue back then. Currently, the challenge is getting the right delivery company. Also, the exchange rate is a nightmare.  

Yeah, I can just imagine. So how long do you think home appliances should last?

I think utensils last for as long as you maintain them. If you can clean and store them well, they will be as good as new even five years from now. For instance, I have a blender I’ve used for five years and still counting.

Wow! Maybe I got a bad one.

Lol, another factor is the quality of the product.

Yeah! So what are some items you can set a new homeowner with?

Pots, Cooking Stoves, Plates, Cups. I could go on and on; however, I think these will vary from one person to another. So, the things I will suggest to a newlywed couple will differ from what I will tell a single person. However, I’ll say it depends on the person’s preference and of course their budget.

Non-stick pots (Trixie Home Hub)

Where do you see your business in the next three years?

I’ll like to own a physical store and start importing my goods by myself. Also, I’ll want to manage logistics in-house.

That’s great! Any expansion plans?

Yes, I will want to increase my reach nationwide to attend to customers in other States around Nigeria. 

If you could expand to any African country, what country would it be?

I’ll love to expand to a neighbouring African country like Ghana or Togo.

Sweet! Norebase can help you get there sha.

Lol, It’s now your turn to sign me up.

Congrats once again on winning the company incorporation. What do you think it will do for your business?

It will let me expand seamlessly and aid with sustainability; I think it will also assist with financial security as per access to loans and funding.

What are three things about your business you want readers to know?

  • Trixie Home Hub is a one-stop shop that sells quality home appliances at an affordable rate. 
  • We take pride in giving customers value for their money and delivering the products on time.
  • We can deliver anywhere in Nigeria.

Finally, where can customers find you?

Customers can find me on Instagram and Twitter.

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Introducing: U.S Incorporation on Norebase

Our mission at Norebase is to provide the single digital infrastructure for you and your business to start, operate, and scale in any African country without ever bothering about the legal complexities and paperwork.

However, many entrepreneurs and innovators need U.S. entities to serve as parent entities for their start-ups, to access international markets, and receive global investment from the world’s biggest economy, i.e. the U.S.A.

Many international founders and African entrepreneurs struggle with navigating U.S. company registrations and have consistently asked us to help. So, we listened;

That is why, today, we are excited to announce that YOU CAN NOW REGISTER YOUR COMPANY (C-corp or L.L.C.) ON NOREBASE, right from your phone or laptop.

U.S Incorporation now live on Norebase

For just $380 (and that’s the most affordable price-point in the world), and by filling out a 5-minute form, you can get your fully registered company in the U.S.A. in 3 days.

What do you get for $380?

  • C-Corp or L.L.C. incorporation.
  • TAX ID (E.I.N.) set-up with I.R.S. – needed for opening a bank account
  • Physical Mailing Address in the U.S. (at no extra cost)
  • Registered Agent Service
  • Business Bank Account set-up

You can get a U.S incorporation on Norebase, regardless of where you are in the world.

So you can build that global business without worrying about legal complexities and paperwork.

Fill out the 5 minutes form → Pay → Get your company documents in 3 days. 

Viola! And you’re US-based! 

Start today on

Read: Register your company in the U.S in 5 easy steps.

💡Tip: It’s easy.

Read: Difference between C-corp or LLC?

💡Tip: C-corp is preferable if you want to raise investment or go public, as you can issue shares to investors, founders and employees. LLCs are flexible structures for running your business, and do not need any board.