Why you need to Incorporate your company

“It’s not just about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” — Scott Belsky

Every successful company today was once an idea. Of course, your brand or business also started as one, but the question is, “What distinguishes your idea from an established business?” 

It’s the sum of things you do to make it happen. 

One such is making your business legally recognised either by a business name registration or an incorporation process. 

Incorporation, in basic terms, is simply the legal process of turning your business into a company. But, first, let’s explore a few reasons why you should incorporate your business.

Why you need to Incorporate your company

Easy access to business loans capital.

When you incorporate, your credit worth increases to the point where it becomes easier to get loans from banks and other financial institutions. Hence, it kills the question, “Is your business legal/legit?”

Increased credibility with customers, competitors, and investors

A business is not truly a business until it has customers to serve, competitors to outperform, and investors to convince. One way to build credibility with these parties is moving your business from just an idea or a building to the papers and vice-versa, incorporating it. 

Ability to open and manage a business account 

The saying “your business is not your personal bank” speaks for itself. To live up to this saying, businesses require a business account. However, one cannot open and manage a business account without getting the documents that will only be available and valid after incorporation.

With the large volume of individuals looking to register their businesses, the process becomes a lot slower than you would necessarily want. The tons of paperwork, and in-person meetings, while keeping your business afloat is enough to stop the journey to incorporating even before it begins. 

But what if I told you that there was a faster way to incorporate your business? And we mean it when we say you can own a company with just a click when you get started at Norebase.

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Our incorporation processes are seamless and will let you incorporate a business before you have second thoughts. 

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