What you should know about Business in Africa

Before expanding your business into Africa, it’s crucial to educate yourself by learning about the industry you desire to operate in, the industries in the continent that are developing the fastest, and market trends. 

Overview of the African Market and Its Economic Potential

The market in Africa is large and diverse, with enormous economic potential. In addition to having a sizeable and young population – over 70% below the age of 30, Africa also has a wealth of natural resources and a developing middle class. Over the past ten years, the continent’s economy has grown steadily, with an average annual GDP growth rate of about 3-5%.

A number of variables, including rising urbanisation, better infrastructure, increasing foreign direct investment (FDI), an expanding consumer market and the inauguration of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) uniting a market of 1.3 billion people, are supporting Africa’s economic potential .. Africa is also a hub for innovation, particularly in the fields of payments and digital technology. The start-up scenes in nations like Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa have been growing strongly.

Key Industries and Sectors with Growth Potential in Africa

The following are the fastest-growing industries in Africa that are characterised by high growth rates, outstanding profitability, and little consolidation.


Agriculture has for decades been the largest industry in Africa. Investment opportunities abound in both farming-related businesses and the market for agricultural goods. Africa has a significant agricultural potential because of its fertile soil and hospitable climate. Crop cultivation, livestock farming, agribusiness, and food processing are all viable investmentoptions in the agricultural sector.

Energy and Power

Africa has a substantial energy shortage with the lowest power access rate in the world, at slightly over 40%, which applies to the more than 640 million people in Africa who lack access to energy. In sub-Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa), the average annual energy usage is 180 kWh, compared to 13,000 kWh in the US and 6,500 kWh in Europe. The need for dependable, long-term power solutions is increasing. Solar, wind, and other forms of renewable energy offer significant prospects for investment and growth.


In Africa, there is a need for better infrastructure in the areas of telecommunications, housing, and urban planning. Infrastructure development projects are ongoing across the continent and present opportunities for investment .

Banking and Financial Services

Thanks to improved access to banking services, mobile money, and financial technology (fintech) advancements, Africa’s financial industry is quickly growing.  The region with the fastest growth is Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), where mobile money deployments have increased over the past ten years in transaction volume and value The rapidly expanding mobile money sector in Africa presents chances to increase financial inclusion and unlock the region’s economic potential. Fintech businesses are thriving and offering solutions for loans, insurance, remittances, and payments.


Due to rising domestic consumption, urbanization, and supportive government policies, the manufacturing sector is expanding throughout Africa. Opportunities can be found in industries like textiles and apparel, vehicle assembly, consumer product manufacturing, and industrial processing.


The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are estimated to be worth $3 billion worldwide, and Africa is the only region where the pharmaceutical industry may still experience considerable growth, according to McKinsey & Company. Expert predictions for the sector’s growth of 7.5% per year are consistent with this idea.  Africa’s healthcare industry has the potential to grow as a result of the continent’s expanding middle class, growing population, and increased emphasis on healthcare delivery. Investments in telemedicine, drugs, medical gear, and healthcare infrastructure are interesting.

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