How Trixie Home Hub is turning houses into homes

In honour of International Women’s Day, Norebase gifted five (5) outstanding female entrepreneurs with company incorporations and business name registrations, according to their preference.

How did we select them?

We asked female entrepreneurs to tell us what a business registration will do for their businesses, and had Odunayo Eweniyi (of Piggyvest) select 5 winners.

On this week’s episode of Norebased, we sit down with one of the winners of the IWD Giveaway, Ayoola Toluwanimofe (owner of Trixie Home Hub), as we talk about owning your spaces.

“Home is Where the Heart Is”, but Mofe seems to agree with this quote only if the word “heart” is replaced with “Utensils.”

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Ayoola Toluwanimofe but you can call me Mofe or Tolu. I am an indigene of Oyo State and a graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic. I own and manage the brand Trixie Home Hub, an online store that sells home appliances ranging from items as little as a teaspoon to microwaves, blenders and other home organisers.

What was the inspiration behind Trixie Home Hub?

I love cooking, so I’m obsessed with a kitchen fully equipped with functional and aesthetic utensils. So it was only natural for me to go into the business of providing these utensils and home appliances at an affordable price. 

Wall mounted shelves (Trixie Home Hub)

So you’re one of those people who would rather open Indomie spice with a pair of scissors?

Yes, exactly! I also use it for my vegetables. I even have such scissors currently in stock.

Please sign me up!

Lol. I’ll even rather have a spoon organiser than keep the spoon in a cupboard.

Plate Rack (Trixie Home Hub)

Interesting! How long have you been in business?

Trixie Home Hub will be two years old in June. 

Nice! So how did you get the capital to start?

I didn’t have issues with capital when I started because I’m mostly an intermediary between my customers and the suppliers. So I mostly reach out to my suppliers to get customers’ items.

Oh, wow. So what are some challenges you face while running your business? 

The major challenge I faced when I started was getting a credible supplier with the products I needed. I’m particular about the utensils I get, so it was an issue back then. Currently, the challenge is getting the right delivery company. Also, the exchange rate is a nightmare.  

Yeah, I can just imagine. So how long do you think home appliances should last?

I think utensils last for as long as you maintain them. If you can clean and store them well, they will be as good as new even five years from now. For instance, I have a blender I’ve used for five years and still counting.

Wow! Maybe I got a bad one.

Lol, another factor is the quality of the product.

Yeah! So what are some items you can set a new homeowner with?

Pots, Cooking Stoves, Plates, Cups. I could go on and on; however, I think these will vary from one person to another. So, the things I will suggest to a newlywed couple will differ from what I will tell a single person. However, I’ll say it depends on the person’s preference and of course their budget.

Non-stick pots (Trixie Home Hub)

Where do you see your business in the next three years?

I’ll like to own a physical store and start importing my goods by myself. Also, I’ll want to manage logistics in-house.

That’s great! Any expansion plans?

Yes, I will want to increase my reach nationwide to attend to customers in other States around Nigeria. 

If you could expand to any African country, what country would it be?

I’ll love to expand to a neighbouring African country like Ghana or Togo.

Sweet! Norebase can help you get there sha.

Lol, It’s now your turn to sign me up.

Congrats once again on winning the company incorporation. What do you think it will do for your business?

It will let me expand seamlessly and aid with sustainability; I think it will also assist with financial security as per access to loans and funding.

What are three things about your business you want readers to know?

  • Trixie Home Hub is a one-stop shop that sells quality home appliances at an affordable rate. 
  • We take pride in giving customers value for their money and delivering the products on time.
  • We can deliver anywhere in Nigeria.

Finally, where can customers find you?

Customers can find me on Instagram and Twitter.

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