How Atinuke Idowu is enhancing business communication with Termii

Termii - Atinuke Idowu

Communication is crucial for building strong relationships, whether personal or professional. However, when it comes to business, intentional communication is often overlooked. Termii is on a mission to change this narrative.

Atinuke Idowu, a graduate of Economics from the University of Lagos, is the co-founder and COO of Termii — The platform that helps African businesses use messaging channels to verify, engage and support customers. In this article, Atinuke shares the story behind the founding of Termii, the challenges they faced, and their accomplishments so far.

The Termii team created their flagship product to address business communication challenges that other platforms may have failed to solve due to their inefficiency and high costs. Atinuke and her team understood the importance of communication as the lifeline of every business and built Termii as a user-friendly solution with flexible pricing plans.

“Termii is the Twilio of Africa. We help businesses across Africa use messaging channels to verify, engage and support customers.”

As with any new business, Termii has faced various challenges, including market acceptance, customer acquisition and retention, and maintaining high-quality services. They’ve tackled these challenges head-on through continuous product development, building customer trust, and maintaining a strong positive online presence.

Despite these challenges, Termii has achieved the following since its inception: 

  • Significant customer growth and retention 
  • Provided exceptional customer service 
  • Launched new features and integrations 
  • Received positive reviews
  • Attracted and retained talented employees who share the company’s vision and values. 

Atinuke and her team are proud of their accomplishments and continue to strive for excellence.

“Thanks to Norebase, our company’s registration process in IVC was seamless and efficient. They played a vital role in ensuring that we encountered no regulatory challenges; This ultimately helped us to enter the market quicker than we had anticipated”.

Atinuke Idowu

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Atinuke offers the following advice:

Believe in yourself, put in the work, be patient and consistent; don’t let self-doubt get in the way. There are days you’d be exhausted; remember why you started. It’s not going to be easy — nothing is, but it is worth it!

You can support Termii by using and recommending their services. To stay updated with Termii’s latest news and developments, follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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