How Seun Alley is evolving last-mile logistics for B2B and B2C companies with Fez Delivery

Seun Alley - Fez Delivery

What began as a quick solution to an internal problem while running a janitorial service company has now transformed into a game-changer in the logistics sector.

Seun Alley’s journey to creating a nationwide last-mile logistics company began with her first startup in 2016 — a janitorial service company. In course of operations, they faced a challenge when they realised that the janitors were primarily absent from their duty posts. Upon further investigation, they found out that they were running errands for the employees of the companies they served. Apparently, the places where employees shopped did not offer delivery service. To solve this problem, Seun decided to offer delivery services to these companies, so the janitors could do their job.

While running the early business model of FEZ Delivery, Seun further uncovered that last-mile logistics is a more significant problem both SMEs and individuals face. In her words, “People have to pay so much to get items delivered to them, need multiple logistics partners to reach their customers all over the country and all these were done via phone calls or google sheet. Businesses and individuals were still unable to track their items in real-time”

Therefore, she decided to take a shot at solving this problem with what is now the current model for FEZ Delivery.

Fez is the only tech-enabled last mile company that serves B2B, and B2C companies, with a physical presence in all 36 states of Nigeria, and has an incredible tech stack for businesses and individuals.

Seun Alley

As a brand, Fez has tailored its solutions to fit the needs of its varying target audience. For individuals, there is a mobile and web app that helps with the end-to-end ordering process, while an API and dashboard are available for businesses. When asked why they both exist, Seun said “While it’s easier for Fintech and other corporates to integrate API, some SMEs may struggle with that. So, we decided to build our B2B dashboard with SMEs in mind”.

Editor’s note: I had planned to summarise Seun’s answer to the challenges she has faced so far, but her response made me so giddy that I had to share it verbatim.

“The truth is the challenges do not stop coming but I think I have now grown a very thick skin. But for all the challenges I face daily, one thing that keeps me going is my desire to make the world a better place for customers (internal and external). If I quit, then who will get it done? With that in mind, I MOVE!”

Right from its inception in 2019, FEZ has continued to be profitable despite the hurdles they have faced.

Norebase has been of immense help to me with my incorporation. It’s how seamless their processes are for me. We send tasks and have the utmost faith that they will get done no matter what.”

Seun Alley

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Seun offers the following advice:

“Ensure you have a why for launching your business. Make sure that why is all about impact. Because that’s all that will keep you going when you feel like quitting.”

You can support Fez Delivery by using their services to unleash endless possibilities with their nationwide last-mile deliveries. Check them out on Instagram and Twitter.

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