How Peace Itimi is documenting the African Startup Scene with Founders Connect

Founders Connect -Peace Itimi

In the fast-evolving world of African startups, it is vital to document and archive the journeys of key players in the scene. This is exactly what Founders Connect is accomplishing.

Peace Itimi is a growth marketing professional, teacher, author, and creator who has made it her mission to share the inspiring stories of tech entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa. Her organisation, Founders Connect, has produced over 70 interviews featuring key players on the continent, such as Odun Eweniyi (Piggyvest),  Nadayar Enegesi (Eden Life) and many more.

Starting Founders Connect was a random occurrence, Itimi admits. During an interview with her friend,  Atsu Davoh of Bitsika, he encouraged her to interview more founders. From then on, she has continually inspired her audience and herself with the quality of stories and lessons shared by entrepreneurs.

“Founders Connect is at the intersection of media and technology, which makes it interesting. If there were a Venn diagram, there would be media, tech and business as circles, with founders connect in the centre.”

Peace Itimi

Just like any business, funding has been a major challenge for Founders Connect, and living in a different continent has also sometimes posed a challenge, requiring Itimi to travel frequently. 

In spite of these challenges, she remains proud of the impact that Founders Connect has had. “What gives me the most pride is that I am doing something that will serve as an archive for future generations to look through and learn the stories of the entrepreneurs before them,” she shares. Peace also finds it special that people can benefit from her work and has received feedback from viewers who were inspired by her interviews.

Norebase has contributed both directly and indirectly to the success of Founders Connect. Not only have I interviewed Adetola Onayemi, the founder of Norebase, on the show, but I have also utilized their services.

Peace Itimi

Itimi’s advice to budding entrepreneurs and African startup founders is:

“Fail Fast. If you’re starting something, make all the mistakes. You don’t have to be perfect. You will learn along the way. Also, Give Yourself Grace. You cannot go far in life without allowing yourself room to err, yes, even as a business owner, but always remember that you are valuable and love yourself.”

To support Founders Connect, you can subscribe to their Youtube channel and share their inspiring videos. Additionally, interested individuals can sponsor an episode by sending an email to

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