How Mitchelle Chibundu is bridging the gap in design education with Designer Babe®

Mitchelle Chibundu — Designer Babe

With over 40k members, Designer Babe is equipping young people in tech with the skills they need to think outside the box and create meaningful and impactful careers.

Mitchelle Chibundu, AKA Designer Babe (DB) is a product designer, author, and creator who is all about solving challenging problems and creating products that people love. She is the founder of Designer Babe®, a creative tech company that empowers the next generation of tech leaders through innovative education and inspiration.

But what inspired her to start it all? In 2019, Mitchelle noticed a gap in design education and was motivated to start teaching design on social media. Designer Babe® now boasts over 40k members and equips young people in tech with the skills they need to think outside the box and create meaningful and impactful careers. Her mission is to add as much knowledge as possible to the ecosystem, enabling people to do better.

I’ve always believed that adding as much knowledge as possible to the ecosystem is crucial to enable people to do better. So in 2019, when I noticed a gap in design education, I was inspired to start teaching design on social media.

Mitchelle Chibundu

Mitchelle revealed that the USP of her business is a strong brand identity and the excellence exhibited through its projects. With an attention to detail and a captivating design direction, Designer Babe is now a brand that is hard to overlook. Additionally, they provide an effortless customer experience, which is critical for an independent book publishing business. Even shipping hundreds of books across continents in the last two years, they have yet to receive a single complaint about the quality of their service.

Mitchelle has been intentional about the brand since the beginning, and it shows in everything from captions to the way she signs off with “💜DB” – so much so that only a handful of people in her circle don’t call her DB. Furthermore, they are constantly learning, growing, and evolving as a team of forward-thinking women who are continually pushing the envelope.

Of course, with every business comes challenges, but Mitchelle is proud of what they have accomplished so far. Reflecting on Designer Babe’s impact on people’s lives, she feels a sense of pride and purpose. Knowing that their products have made a positive difference for their customers is incredibly motivating and inspires them to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s not just about the revenue they generate but the value they create for their community. And, of course, financial success is vital as a means of reinvesting in the business.

We trademarked Designer Babe in multiple regions in 2022, and Norebase handled the process. Having the brand trademarked legally protects us from other people using a similar name or logo, which could cause confusion, and gives us the exclusive right to use the name in the industry, preventing others from negatively impacting our business. It also solidifies our reputation and puts us in a relatively advantageous position where our ambitions are not limited, which is critical for success.

Mitchelle Chibundu

For those just starting out in entrepreneurship, Mitchelle offers some valuable advice. 

For a new entrepreneur, it is critical to have a clear and specific vision, be open to learning, build a strong team, embrace failure, remain adaptable, prioritise customer satisfaction, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. It is essential to remember that entrepreneurship is a journey and that success requires patience, perseverance, and the ability to celebrate small victories.

You can support Designer Babe® by purchasing and recommending their products to your friends and network. Additionally, you can contribute to their book fund, which they use to provide books to young women to help them kickstart their design careers. Finally, join the DB Verse on Twitter and Instagram for insider career advice and first-hand information on their exciting projects.

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