How Alma Asinobi is making travel more accessible with Kaijego

Alma Asinobi — Kaijego

Kaijego is on a journey around the world and they want to bring you along regardless of the passport you hold.

Alma Asinobi (alias HRH Her Excellency African Tallest Woman Igwe Alma Asinobi) is currently on a mission to visit every country in the world, but what she started as a trip to explore soulful experiences has now transformed into a brand that aims to make travel accessible to everyone.

During her two years of travel, Alma realized that people who looked like her were not well represented in the travel industry, especially those with weak passports. To make travel easier and more accessible, especially for people of colour, Alma started Kaijego. 

Kaijego exists to tear down walls and build bridges in their stead – or in this case airports, lol. Everyone should travel, and we exist to make sure of it.

Alma Asinobi

What sets Kaijego apart from typical travel companies is its focus on advocacy for both travellers and the local communities they visit. Hence their success is founded on a passion for soulful experiences and curiosity.

As a business owner, Alma’s biggest challenge was making international payments from Nigeria. However, she overcame this hurdle by registering her company in the U.S. and opening a U.S. bank account. According to her, this single action reduced her stress and increased her life expectancy by at least 50 years.

One of her proudest accomplishments with Kaijego was selling out their first group trip on her Instagram stories even before getting a chance to post about it on her feed. She also found out that over 50% of people who booked the trip were first-time travellers, further validating Kaijego’s mission to make travel accessible to everyone.

When people ask me “how many streams of income do you have?” My first instinct is to check my Norebase dashboard. Every business I’ve ever started has been registered with Norebase (even the ones I didn’t end up building on). Recall the U.S. incorporation I mentioned earlier? Yes, that too. I cannot over-emphasise how much Norebase has significantly improved the quality of my life personally, and as an entrepreneur.

Alma Asinobi

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Alma offers the advice: 

Start now. Start where you are and with what you have. Split your personal expenses from your business expenses. Register your business, get a separate bank account, get into the numbers and track your growth. You can only build on what you have started.

To support Alma’s journey with Kaijego *wink*, you can join their community of people who value wholesome adventures and want to see the world. Connect with them on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok.

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