Building the Borderless

Norebase on building the borderless

It is no secret; building a successful business is accelerated by two factors — access to a large market (usually driven by a strong and growing middle class) and predictable rules. When African businesses try to expand into other African countries to access broader markets, they quickly discover a business landscape that is confusing, unpredictable and complicated. They are faced with the challenge of dealing with varying languages, regulations, laws, and traditions across the continent. Any misstep can upset expansion plans significantly. It takes specific experience and knowledge to successfully navigate the peculiarities of different countries while staying compliant to each one.

The quick-changing regulatory space in many African countries also means that one of the best ways to ensure that negative or sudden regulatory changes do not threaten your business’ survival, is to set up in several markets. That way, change in one country does not drastically affect business operations, and when under threat, a business can retreat into one of its bases, and re-strategize.

Scaling and expansion is a survival issue for most African businesses.

Building Norebase is building a future where starting, scaling, and operating a business across Africa is easy and de-risked. We believe that the most difficult part of scaling should be the decision to do so, and the mechanics should be as simple as clicking a button. Africa’s prosperity depends on deepened trade, and we are building the “TradeTech” to make that happen.

Big goal? A single digital infrastructure for every business to start, scale and operate in EVERY African country efficiently. From the international businessman who wants to invest in Ghana to the Nigerian trader who wants to sell his goods in Kenya to the South African content creator who needs to receive royalties in Namibia, we envision a future with the fluidity of trade within Africa, where borders are not a bother for businesses and transactions.

We are building the borderless.

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