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Get up to $10,000 AWS credit when you register a company with Norebase

Norebase, today announces that we are now AWS (Amazon Web Services) partners.

AWS provides on-demand cloud computing web services (such as computing power, database storage and content delivery services and APIs) to individuals and companies.

Through this partnership with AWS, incorporating your business with Norebase just got so much better as you can now get up to $10,000 in AWS credits, including AWS business support and members-only offers, to help build and grow your businesses.

How To Get $10,000 in AWS Credits With Norebase:

Step 1: Register your company on Norebase at

Step 2: After company registration, you will get a detailed email with our AWS partner code, eligibility criteria, as well as instructions for obtaining AWS credit

Step 3: Create your AWS account and apply for AWS activate using our AWS partner code

Step 4: The AWS credit application takes about 7 – 10 days to be processed.

Step 5: You get your AWS credit and start enjoying the $10,000 AWS credit right away.

Starting, scaling and operating in every African country and building a truly global business is easier with Norebase.

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Business Expansion C-Corp Company Updates Delaware Incorporation

Norebase partners with Mercury to offer its users a banking stack for startups

In the course of incorporating a company or expanding a business to a new country, some processes are necessary, including owning and operating a bank account in the said country. Nevertheless, nothing speaks ease to an entrepreneur as much as automated processes that can be completed remotely.

Norebase, today announces its partnership with Mercury — the globally recognised fintech company building a banking stack for startups — to give its clients looking to incorporate to the U.S an all-in-one neo banking experience. 

U.S company incorporation is as easy as the click of a button with Norebase, and through this partnership with Mercury, you can set up a U.S business bank account in less than 5 minutes and also get $500 when you spend $10K on your debit card in the first 90 days.

Owning a mercury bank account also means that you get: 

  • Checking & Savings account
  • Debit cards
  • ACH payments
  • Check payments
  • Domestic and international wire transfers

The Mercury bank account comes at zero extra cost when you incorporate a US company with Norebase. In addition to this, you also get:

  • a registered company (either C-Corp or L.L.C whichever you choose).
  • TAX ID (E.I.N.) set up with I.R.S. – needed by foreigners to operate a US bank account
  • US virtual address for business registration 
  • Registered Agent Service and;
  • A Bank Account 

For just $380 🚀🚀🚀

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